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The nivolet
a natural

We drove the Alpine Vision up the twisty ascent to the Nivolet Pass (altitude: 2,612 metres) – which straddles the boundary between the Aosta Valley and Italy’s Piedmont region – for an experience that excited every one of our senses.
This lofty mountain road snakes through a vista of exquisite beauty. Lush green vegetation, rock-strewn valleys, gushing streams, grazing chamois, a rich floral tapestry and spectacular snow-capped mountains form an idyllic backdrop where nature reigns supreme. Here, in the immensity and splendour of the Italian Alps, the Alpine Vision is in its element.

The nivolet<br> pass,<br>a natural<br>playground!

Its understated elegance, timeless design and immaculate white body, which mirrors the nearby snowy peaks, blend seamlessly with the grandiose panorama.

Steering the Alpine Vision through the sweeps and turns of this soaring climb generates an impression of space and liberty. The intense, intimate and unforced fusion you sense between the car and its surroundings is a sheer delight.

The sleek, lightweight Alpine Vision swallows up the asphalt ribbon with unparalleled agility. Precise, responsive and playful, it takes the corners in its stride, leaving you to just settle into your seat and enjoy the simple yet sensuous and addictive pleasure of being in total harmony with an exceptional machine.