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A110 Légende GT

Limited to only 400 examples worldwide

The A110 Légende GT emphasises the elegance and refinement at the heart of Alpine’s A110. For the sports car driver who appreciates exceptional craftsmanship, the model features bespoke pale gold design elements and a custom interior upholstered in warm amber leather. A110 Légende GT is an exemplar of French sophistication.

A weekend of elegance

A country estate. A weekend getaway. And the right car for the job. A110 Légende GT is a timeless object rendered as a sports car. In its element when whisking two and their luggage – bespoke, of course, trimmed in amber leather to match the seat upholstery – away for a weekend break at a country manor, the car exudes style and sophistication. Like a tailored suit or a fine timepiece, A110 Légende GT is built by the hands of skilled craftsmen.

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48-hour escape

The driving experience is harmonious and distinctly Alpine: effortless within the city and comfortable over longer journeys, and when the roads near to the country estate begin to twist and turn, wonderfully engaging as well. Multi-adjustable comfort seats and a luxurious, premium cabin mean a longer journey is a better one. A110 Légende GT truly is the Alpine of grand tourers.

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French refinement

In the shadow of the country manor, A110 Légende GT shows off its elegant form. A subtle contrast between the Argent Mercure (Mercury Silver) paintwork and the pale gold embellishments speaks of a sophistication that runs deep. Clear taillights set off a cohesive design language. Inside the cabin, a numbered plaque, backlit door sills, carbon fibre styling elements with a warm copper weave and bespoke amber leather upholstery mirror the elegance of the exterior design. Meanwhile, an additional storage unit between the seats is the perfect place to stow belongings.

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Engine Power: 252 hp/hp (185 kW)
Acceleration (0 to 100 km/h): 4.5 s
Maximum speed on a closed circuit: 250 km/h
Maximum torque: 320 Nm from 2000 to 5000 rpm
Weight: 1123 Kg
Transmission: automatic gearbox, double clutch, 7-speed





Journalists : Dan Prosser Photography : Sofia Sanchez, Mauro Mongiello

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