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The website at the address (hereafter referred to as the “Site”) is published to provide information for visitors’ personal use. Access and use of the site is governed by the “conditions of access and use” (hereafter referred to as “CAU”) set out below.

In accessing the site, visitors are deemed to accept the CAU wholly and unreservedly.

Alpine reserves the right to edit, change and update, with no prior notice, the CAU, any other site content, and any product or service mentioned on the site.

Users are considered to accept any such changes, and are assumed to have viewed and accepted the CAU each time they access the site.

Article 1: Publication and hosting


Société des Automobiles Alpine
SASU Société par actions simplifiée à associé unique au capital social de 3 567 564,00 €
40, Avenue de Bréauté 76885 Dieppe Cedex
Inscrite au RCS de Dieppe sous le numéro B 662 750 074
Tel. : +331 76 86 31 50
Directeur de la publication : Julien GEFFARD
Responsable du Site : Matthieu RICHER


Havas Paris – site de Puteaux
29/30, quai de Dion Bouton
92817 Puteaux Cedex
Tel : +331 58 47 93 93


Link by Net (
5/9 Rue de l’Industrie
93200 Saint-Denis
Tel : +331 48 13 22 20

Article 2: Intellectual property rights

Copyright and design right

ALPINE owns the intellectual property rights of this Website in accordance with the provisions of Article L. 113.5 of the French Intellectual Property Code.
The photographs, texts, slogans, designs, images, animated sequences with or without sound as well as all creations integrated in the Website are the property of ALPINE or of third parties that have authorised ALPINE to use them.

Reproduction of photographs, videos and graphic material of the “Media” section of the Website is authorised for journalistic purposes on any type of Press support (including printed and digital press), excluding space purchasing, excluding any use for advertising and/or commercial purposes. These photographs, videos and graphic material shall not be modified with respect to the original file available for download in the “Media” section of the Website (including but not limited to editing, framing, cropping, DTP, quality, addition of logos, etc.), this authorisation is granted for the whole world for a 1 (one) year period as of the first publication date.

With the exception of the above provisions, any reproduction, representation, use or modification, by any means and on any communication support in whole or in part of the Website, of the different works and models of vehicles which compose it without having obtained prior authorisation from ALPINE is strictly prohibited and constitutes an offence of counterfeiting punishable by three years imprisonment and a fine of € 300,000.00.

Article 3: Personal and other data

As the data processor, ALPINE uses registration forms to collect the personal information required to reply to your information requests and to manage your subscription to the online newsletter, as well as to send you alerts, press documents and news about events, special offers and promotions.

“Personal Data” comprises all information pertaining to a physical person who has or can be identified, directly or indirectly, via an identification number or one or several elements unique to him or her.

Mandatory fields are marked in the forms for every type of data collection. If you do not wish to provide this information, Alpine will be unable to process your request. The other fields optional and may be left blank.

Personal data is intended exclusively for RENAULT, companies in the RENAULT Group, including ALPINE, its subsidiaries, members of its commercial network and subcontractors for the processing of all or part of your personal data, to the extent necessary to supply their services. Personal data may be transferred outside the European Union, if this transfer is made in accordance with the safeguards provided for under the French Data Protection Act.

You may cease sales prospecting at any time by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in each email or by sending a letter to RENAULT – Direction MARKETING – Direction Pub et Média, 13 avenue Paul Langevin – 92359 Le Plessis Robinson – France – API : FREQVNOV234

If you no longer wish to receive the newsletter or press releases, you may unsubscribe at any time by following the procedure indicated in each message.

Upon proof of your identity, you are entitled to access your Personal Data and request that inexact, incomplete or outdated information be rectified, updated or deleted. You may also cease the processing of your Personal Data by presenting a legitimate reason justifying your request.

You may also provide guidelines, either general or specific, with regard to certain data processing activities, for the preservation, deletion and communication of your personal data in the event of your death. You may modify or delete these guidelines at any time. Specific guidelines may be registered with the data processing manager. General guidelines may be registered with a trusted third party in the digital community certified by CNIL.

You may exercise these rights via our contact form or by sending a letter to the following address: RENAULT – Direction MARKETING – Direction Pub et Média – 13 avenue Paul Langevin – 92359 Le Plessis Robinson France – API : FREQVNOV234

You have the right to sign up for the Bloctel no-contact list, managed by Opposetel, in order to cease all telemarketing. However, this does not prohibit ALPINE from contacting you for prospecting purposes during the term of your ALPINE contract, unless you make a specific request to ALPINE under your legitimate right to refuse sales prospecting.

ALPINE will store your Personal Data in a secure environment during the time period required to process your request, to send you the newsletter, and to contact you for prospecting purposes, during the minimum retention period applicable by law, if applicable.

Non-personal data

Non-personal data provided by users is used to help ALPINE offer products and services matching their tastes.

ALPINE may obtain such data by automated means, in which case the data is not associated with a person. Such data typically concerns the type of internet browser used, the computer’s operating system, and the domain name from which the ALPINE site is accessed.

Article 4: Site access

The site can be viewed anonymously. Users opening a password-controlled account on the site are responsible for keeping the account access confidential, and accept full liability for all actions performed using the account or password. ALPINE and its suppliers make no undertaking to manage, control or monitor the way visitors use the site. Users undertake to inform ALPINE immediately of any unauthorized use of their accounts. Users undertake to log off after each session on the ALPINE site. ALPINE shall not be held liable for any loss or damage arising from failure to fulfill these undertakings.

For Visitors who are minors, we remind parents or any other person holding parental responsibility that it is their role to identify the service(s) that their child is authorized to use and to monitor the use that he/she makes of the said service(s).

Children under 12 are not authorized to join. Children over the age of 12 may join on the express condition that they obtain permission from their parents (or the person holding parental responsibility) to do so and also to supply the information and e-mail addresses necessary for contact. They must obtain this preliminary authorization before joining. reserves the right to request written proof at any time, to undertake any checks, and to delete any personal accounts held by minors who fail to provide the said proof immediately or, where applicable, within the requested time frame. On receiving a request from parents, will immediately delete any personal accounts together with the associated content.

Article 5: « Cookies »

Article 6: Hypertext links

ALPINE accepts no liability for any content, products or services offered on any site to which the site might be linked, by hypertext or any other type of link.

Article 7: Security

In using the site, Users undertake not to perform any operation liable to cause any kind of fault or failure affecting operation of the site or of any server or service accessible via the site. Any data, documents, files or other material uploaded to the area provided for this purpose on the site must be reliable, safe and not liable to interfere with normal operation of the site or any server or service accessible via the site.

In using the site, or any server or service accessible via the site, users undertake to comply with all applicable national and international laws and regulations. They undertake not to infringe upon any third party’s rights, and not to jeopardize ALPINE’s image in any way. They explicitly absolve ALPINE of any third-party liability in connection with any information posted in the area provided for this purpose on the site, including liability for slander, infringement of intellectual property rights, publication of offensive material, infringement of privacy (in connection with use of photographs, etc.), on any infringement of applicable national or international law. Users undertake to pay all costs borne by ALPINE as a result of any such action, including all reasonable fees and expenses in connection with legal advice.

ALPINE undertakes to take every possible measure to ensure the security of information posted in the area provided for this purpose on the site. However, ALPINE cannot guarantee non-interception of any message sent electronically. Therefore, except for the information mentioned in article 3 above, ALPINE advises users not to disclose any unnecessary or sensitive personal information by this means. Users wishing to disclose any such information to ALPINE should do so by post.

Article 8: Responsibility

Users wishing to do so accept the CAU of their own free will, and in doing so take on all the ensuing obligations. All visitors using the site therefore do so under their own responsibility, and undertake to comply with the requirements of the CAU, with all rules governing activities on the site, and with all laws and regulations applicable to users’ activities on the site, via the site, or in connection with the site.

All user input (content or any other material provided to ALPINE, uploaded to the site or made accessible via the site) must comply with the following requirements:

  • It must be free of viruses, spyware, and any other type of program liable to damage the site, slow it down or interfere with correct operation.
  • It must not be false, untruthful or deceitful.
  • It must not have been obtained dishonestly or by infringing upon any rights of any third party.
  • It must not infringe upon any applicable law.
  • It must not contain anything likely to be construed as harassing, offensive, defamatory, violent, distasteful, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically insulting, or contrary to public order, decency or child protection norms.
  • It must not jeopardize the internal or external brand image of ALPINE or the Renault group.

Information and services accessible via the site are supplied with no guarantee against error or omission. ALPINE extends no explicit or implicit undertaking, and accepts no liability, with regard to the use of the site or of any information or services accessed via or in connection with the site.

Users accept sole responsibility for their use of the site, and of information and services accessible via the site, and understand that neither ALPINE, neither Renault nor any of its subsidiaries may be held liable for any direct or indirect damage, material or immaterial, for any data or program loss, or for any financial damage arising from access to or use of the site or any linked sites, or from interruption, suspension, modification or discontinuation of the site or any part of it. The user specifically accepts that site content is provided with no guarantee of any kind.

ALPINE may take any measure it sees fit with regard both to site access and use by users, and to material input by users. Specifically, ALPINE may interrupt, restrict, suspend, or forbid access to all or part of the site, without warning or indemnity, if a user engages in conduct that infringes the CAU or any applicable law or regulation. This entitlement shall remain applicable even after termination or expiry of the CAU.

Characteristics of vehicles and any other product or service appearing on the site are as applicable when the site page was published or updated. Such data is provided on a solely indicative basis and shall not be considered as a contractually binding offer by ALPINE, its subsidiaries or members of the dealer network. Photographs illustrating products on the site are not contractually binding. Prices appearing on the site are also given on a solely indicative basis, and are not contractually binding. Users understand that errors and omissions may appear.

Legal restrictions may apply to accessing the products and services shown on the site. Users are responsible for ensuring that they are entitled to access the site under legislation applicable in the country from which the site is to be accessed.

Article 9: Suspension or interruption of access

At any time, ALPINE may temporarily or permanently restrict or suspend access to the site under the following circumstances:

  • If a user fails to comply with the CAU (in which case ALPINE also reserves the right to take any other appropriate action)
  • In the event of technical problems with the site publication and operation infrastructure

Users whose access is permanently discontinued undertake to immediately delete any copies they might have of the site or any of its content.

Article 10: Applicable law

Unless otherwise stipulated under the legislation of the user’s country, the GTC, the website content and all the rights and obligations of the parties arising from or in connection with use of the website are governed by French law, and shall be interpreted and applied accordingly.

In the event of a dispute arising in connection with the GTC or with access to or use of the website, the parties shall endeavor to reach an amicable settlement before recurring to legal proceedings, it being understood that any such proceedings shall fall under the sole jurisdiction of the Cour d’Appel de Paris, whose courts the parties specifically acknowledge hold the sole legal capacity for judgement, regardless of any eventuality of multiple defendants or of claims for redress by third parties.

Article 11: Language

French is the original language of these GTC. Any dispute arising from differences of interpretation in a translated version shall be settled by reference to the original, authoritative, French text.

Article 12: Update of GTC

ALPINE reserves the right to change or update website access and the website GTC at any time, in which case it will endeavor to inform users accordingly, on the website. Users shall abide by such changes and updates, and are therefore invited to refer to this section regularly in order to verify the currently applicable conditions governing use of the site.