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Alpine x Leica Hit The Road Photo Contest

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Alpine and Leica, two legendary brands, have joined forces to launch The Hit The Road photo contest, an open invitation to embark on a journey.

The contest
Hit The Road gives carte blanche to the winning photographer. They are invited to take the road behind the wheel of an Alpine A110, with a LEICA camera, to express their vision of escape through a personal artistic project—be it a poetic narrative, imaginary drama or meditative journey.

More information about The Hit The Road contest

Letizia Le Fur, 2018 contest winner
Letizia Le Fur’s winning application was selected by a judging panel made up of experts from the photography and design worlds. She created her artistic project during a four-day trip from 8 to 11 October 2018, in which she expressed her vision of travel.

Born in 1973, Le Fur first honed her fundamental, deep grasp of colour and composition in L’École des Beaux-Arts, where she trained as a painter. As she continued to look for answers in her aesthetic pursuits, Le Fur turned to photography, which was strongly encouraged by her professor, Valérie Belin. She has since drawn on her travels and encounters, along with all forms of poetry to develop a personal style that reflects her keen eye, through works composed “like a painting” with tenderness and depth. Le Fur is a modern photographer whose talents are on full display in exhibitions of her work, advertising and The press, as well as for her followers on Instagram, who take delight in every post.

View her work on Instagram @letizialefur or on her website

Alpine x Leica give carte blanche to Letizia Le Fur

View some of the work produced by Letizia Le Fur with her Leica camera and the Alpine A110

« My passion for road trips goes back to my childhood, as I would often go on them with my parents. My mother would leave late in the evening to arrive at the holiday destination early the next morning, driving as I slept across the rear seats. The trip in the Alpine brought back memories of this. »