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When art
meets F1

Is on the side-lines of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix that Alpine unveils an exceptional A110 designed by Felipe Pantone. The continuity of a collaboration initiated in April with the artist.
Speed, skill, emotions… To celebrate Alpine’s entry into Formula 1, Felipe Pantone has created a unique work of art inspired by motorsport. Geometric compositions and visual effects interplay to capture the intensity of racing. Combining digital patterns and classic design, and featuring the colours of the French flag, the car Pantone styled is a tribute to Alpine’s destiny, a brand at the crossroads of the past, present, and future. Alpine F1 Team in the colors of Felipe Pantone and a demonstration on track with the double Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso. Only three out of four copies manufactured will be available for sale.

When I think of Alpine, I think motorsport, agility, and dynamism. I used the most dramatic dynamic elements in this work to enhance the sense of speed, brightness, and competitiveness, highlighting Alpine’s future in the 2021 Formula 1 season.
An exceptional paint job on the body, in the purest Felipe Pantone spirit.

Felipe Pantone

Felipe Pantone

The artist

Felipe Pantone is an Argentine-Spanish artist. He graduated with a Fine Arts degree in Valencia (Spain) where his studio is currently based. Today, Felipe Pantone is creating at the intersection of art and digital. His frescoes, paintings, and sculptures are inspired by kinetic artists, experimenting with contrasts, colour, and movement. A dynamic and lively approach to creativity, halfway between virtual and reality.



In Formula 1, a helmet transcends the utilitarian to become an iconic object. It is inseparable from the identity and even the legend of the drivers. Felipe Pantone has chosen a bold and striking way to connect modern aesthetics with the driver’s emotions. As soon as they adjust their helmet, they are immediately immersed into the very heart of the brand. A testament to both safety and pride.